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About The Psychic Experiment

Since the 1970s, scientific studies have offered compelling evidence that paranormal abilities are real. These included remote viewing, which is the ability to receive details about people, places, or things located thousands of miles away.

However, these studies didn't answer whether clairvoyant abilities also extend to digital information.  Remote viewers can describe details about buildings located in enemy territory — but can they also "see" data stored in computers?

The Psychic Experiment's goal is to determine whether people can psychically sense the data that is stored in computers far away, and with accuracy exceeding what should be possible by chance alone.

To learn more about ESP and remote viewing, check out:

About Scotch Wichmann (that's me!)

Scotch Wichmann, a parapsychologist, occultist, and shamanic practitioner in Los Angeles I've been doing experiments with psychic powers, ghosts, and related topics for decades after seeing my first ghost when I was 6 years old.  Over the years I've been haunted by spirits, witnessed psychic phenomena, seen UFOs, and encountered other wild things Science can't fully explain (yet).

Now I'm a Parapsychology Ph.D. candidate — similar to the scientists in the movie Ghostbusters who studied ESP, messy demons, and other supernatural phenomena.  I conduct experiments involving the paranormal and ancient magical practices to study how these intersect with cognition, technology, healing, and the arts.

You'll also find me hacking, doing performance art, writing books, or practising Shamanism.

If you're a fan of paranormal adventures, let's connect on Instagram!

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